• 06 Jun

    Don’t throw that core away

    Over the centuries, modes and methods of evangelism have continued to change. However, one thing has remained constant, and it’s the fact that at the core of true evangelism is the gospel of Jesus Christ. The final book of the Bible, which describes the...
  • 17 Aug

    The cross of reveals the value of mankind AND the severity of sin.

    The cross of Christ reveals the value of mankind AND the severity of sin. When I see the Lamb of God on a cross - scourged and then crucified - I stand amazed at how important I am to God and also how awful sin is.
  • 07 Aug

    The guidance & leadership of a good God - By Elisabeth King

    Being led by God is something we all as Believers want. We all face different decisions in life, some big and some small, and we want to make them according to God’s voice and will over our life. In my own life, this has been something that has come up in a big way in...
  • 13 Jul

    Europe & the fire of the gospel

    In recent days, Elisabeth and I had the opportunity to visit Capernaum, Israel. It's one of three preeminent places mentioned in the Scriptures where Jesus performed most of His mighty works. Isn't it interesting that Jesus chose to work so many signs and wonders in these three places? Of all the regions Christ visited...
  • 07 Aug

    Courage and devotion

    Matthew 27:57-61 & John 19:38 The New Testament speaks of a fascinating character- Joseph of Arimathea. The Scripture doesn't say much, and yet in those few words, it shouts so much of his valour. Joseph of Arimathea, a Jew, had the boldness to ask Pilate for Christ’s body. It was customary for criminals who had been crucified to be left to rot on the cross and be eaten by scavenger animals. It was normal for the disciples...